Photo by Carrie Weaver Photography

Photo by Carrie Weaver Photography

Amy Holt

I was born third in a family that allowed my strangeness to look normal. I grew up in a poor, but happy home. A year out of high school I married a wonderful man who treats me like a princess. We have two very smart boys. I work as a full-time mom and write in my spare time. We don’t have a dog or cat or any other pet, but we know people who have pets so that sort of counts. That also makes me the most boring person you’ve read about in years, maybe ever.

The good news is sometimes boring people write about people who do really cool things. For instance, in Paragon when demons and Shadows close in on Lily and her little brother she is forced to to turn to someone else for help for the first time in her life. However, he stirs a grave sense of mistrust. Lily might have to use his help, but she won’t be tempted to let her guard down, no matter how enchanting he is.

Levi does some pretty cool things in Levi Anders and the Gargoyle Mystery Contest. He clashes with his bossy, know-it-all neighbor as he builds a four person team to compete in the library mystery contest.

Photo by Carrie Weaver Photography

Photo by Carrie Weaver Photography


I was informed that I absolutely have to share on this page why I started writing or something catastrophic might happen. Since I don’t want to be responsible for the zombie apocalypse, I’ll share.

Several years back, I developed some health problems that made sitting a in recliner feel like work. I learned that sitting in a recliner all day only sounds like fun if you don’t really have to do it. Actually, it never sounded like fun. Riding bikes, playing catch or hiking sounded like fun, even vacuuming or laundry sounded like more fun to me than sitting in a recliner all day. After months of sitting, well, more like laying, I was crazy with boredom.

Boredom can make you do things that are completely out of character; for me, that was writing. Why in the world would I want to write a story? I didn’t even enjoy reading. It was incredibly difficult for me to learn to read. The simple sight words that everyone else learned overnight got mixed up in my mind. Words like “went” and “when” or “then” and “there” were harder to decode than ancient hieroglyphics. Reading meant carefully deciphering each word on the page, hoping I could make sense of the individual words when I finished the sentence. More often than not, I had to reread multiple times to understand what I read. It’s enough to make anyone’s brain hurt.

Photo by Carrier Weaver Photography

Photo by Carrier Weaver Photography

Even though I had gotten much better at reading, through tons and tons of work, reading, writing and spelling were not fun. That’s why it seems so strange to me that I’m a writer and that I love to write. I’m not even sure how it happened, but now a day rarely goes by that I don’t do something related to writing, even when I’m feeling well. I even enjoy reading, although I’m still a slow reader and I make frequent mistakes when I read out loud. I have no doubt that my desire to write and any ability that I have was a gift from Heavenly Father to help me not go completely crazy.




Random facts about Amy Holt.

January’s fact – My Dictionary/Thesaurus app is my favorite. When you spell as poorly as I do, sometimes spell check can’t figure out what you’re trying to say. In those cases, I use the thesaurus to look up a similar word that I can actually spell and then I search among the answers for the word I really want.

December’s fact – I like to skip but usually I just walk because–a grown lady skipping; it just looks weird. But if I think no one’s paying attention, I skip.

November’s fact – I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve taken the vacuum apart to clean or fix it.

October’s fact – I like having a clean, organized house. That doesn’t mean my house is either clean or organized. I’m just saying I like it when it is.

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